Announcing the 5 Amplifiers! 齊來認識我們5位戲劇大使!

We are very happy to introduce you to our 5 Amplifiers who will be representing Hong Kong to participate in Brave Kids 2018, a Polish art festival hosting young and talented artists from all over the world!

今年,我們將會有5位年輕人代表香港遠赴波蘭出席Brave Kids Festival!Brave Kids Festival 是一個波蘭藝術節,每年都會歡迎世界各地不同年輕和對藝術有天賦的年輕藝術家參與。


For the upcoming weeks, the 5 promising teenagers will be undergoing a series of artistic and theatrical trainings in preparation for the upcoming 9th edition of Brave Kids in Poland. Stay connected with this page to get to know more about their journey to Poland!

接下來的日子,這5位年輕人將會接受一系列的藝術和戲劇訓練,以準備今年第九屆在波蘭據信的Brave Kids Festival。快D 跟實我地睇下佢哋前往波蘭之前的所見所聞啦!

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