Introducing the volunteers! 為大家介紹我們的義工!

Apart from the 5 promising Amplifiers participating in the Brave Kids Festival 2018, we are also happy to announce that there will be 2 members from Project Amplifier volunteering in Brave Kids 2018 Wałbrzych Edition!

除了我們五位的戲劇大使之外,我們同時亦好高興公佈今年的Brave Kids 波蘭藝術節將會有兩位香港代表做大會的義工!


ab7be6f3-9986-40ea-a98a-5ba1955ccb1e(Muhammad Usman, 葉宇文)

Photography is one of the diverse interests that Usman has passion for. After his work as a fire services equipment inspector, you will most probably be seeing Usman holding his camera, strolling along the high streets and back lanes of Hong Kong capturing moments and objects which intrigue him. Last year (2017), Usman was awarded with his piece in “Hong Kong in my Eyes” photography contest organized by Hong Kong Community Link.




(Mr. Lam Siu-Lung, 林小龍老師)

Mr. Siu-Lung Lam is a writer and a secondary school Chinese teacher. He graduated in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) with a BA and MA in Chinese Language & Literature. Mr. Lam has actively been engaging in both literary research and creation. In 2012, he was awarded in “Young Writers; Debut Competition” with his work “My luxury life in a subdivided flat”.

林小龍老師畢業於香港中文大學中國語文及文學系學士和碩士課程。林老師有著多重身分 —— 除了是一位中學老師外,他同時是一位作家。林老師專注於文學研究和創作。在2012年,他在「年輕作家創作比賽」中憑著作品「我的豪華劏房生活」得獎。


In the upcoming weeks, Siu-Lung and Usman will both be sharing their experience throughout their journey in Poland. Stayed tuned to our collage and get to know more about their encounters!


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