#Amplifierdiary 1 – “Czesc!” by Kitty Or Pui Chi

Upon the completion of project, our Amplifiers were asked to produce a piece of 300-word writing, in either Chinese or English, to document, reflect on their 3-week Brave Kids journey. In each of these pieces, all our Amplifiers adopt an object which has inspired them during their Brave Kids encounter. 

就在3個禮拜的波蘭之旅完結之際,我們的團員和學員都利用他們擅長的語言寫一篇300字的感想,紀錄他們在波蘭的一點一滴。在這幾篇的感想當中,每一位團員都利用了一樣物品,來代表他們在Brave Kids 的過程。


“Czesc!” – Kitty Or Pui Chi 

‘Cześć! How are you?’ This is how we greeted each other every time with a big warm hug whenever we met.

‘Cześć’ carries two meanings in Polish – ‘Hello’ and ‘Bye’. It’s the first Polish I learnt whilst also my favourite one. The first time I came across ‘Cześć’ was at Walbrzych train station, when all the volunteers and our host families came and picked us up. They even made a big banner with balloons to welcome us – such a warm ‘Cześć’! This ‘Cześć’ also marks the start of our chapter in Walbrzych.

Every moment is still fresh in my mind. The first ‘Cześć’ with the Buryat girls and Lakhan, a Brave Youth participant from India, in the school performance, the first ‘Cześć’ with the Moroccan Brave Kid at the bus station, the first ‘Cześć’ with the Polish Brave Kid as well as Piotr and Sonia in the workshop… everything started with a ‘Cześć’. We started began having fun with each others, dance and sing together. Every moment was filled with happiness. No one in the program can be replaced because we are ‘BRAVE BRAVE kids’. We cherished every chance of performance, especially the mixed shows. It’s a symbolism of unity too! Different cultures were merged together. I guess this wouldn’t have happened without Piotr and Sonia, who were our artistic instructors.

Time slipped and we finally came to our last day. We had to say ‘Cześć’ again on the same platform but this time it means ‘bye’. We hugged together and said ‘Cześć’ with sadness. Every ‘Cześć’ was full of our memories and my tears started to well up. “Choo-choo!” the train arrived and we knew that we needed to leave this lovely place. We just continued saying Cześć while we were entering the train. We kept waving our hands through the small window to make the last ‘Cześć’ of this trip.

But we know, it would not be the last ‘Cześć’ of our friendship. It is a commencement of our long-lasting friendship full of ‘Cześć’, yet to be realised.



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