#AmplifierDiary 3 “Ice-breaking” – by Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal (Sunny)

Upon the completion of project, our Amplifiers were asked to produce a piece of 300-word writing, in either Chinese or English, to document, reflect on their 3-week Brave Kids journey. In each of these pieces, all our Amplifiers adopt an object which has inspired them during their Brave Kids encounter. 

就在3個禮拜的波蘭之旅完結之際,我們的團員和學員都利用他們擅長的語言寫一篇300字的感想,紀錄他們在波蘭的一點一滴。在這幾篇的感想當中,每一位團員都利用了一樣物品,來代表他們在Brave Kids 的過程。



Meeting new people and talking to them is and has always been the toughest thing for me. Indeed, this was also the major concern I had when taking part in Brave Kids – how am I going to talk to different people in the programme? As the 3-week programme progressed, I came to realise, yes! Even I have the ability to break the ice between one another!

The first week of Brave Kids programme was great!  It was filled with a lot of performances, as well as explorations and discovery to Walbrzych, a beautiful city in Poland where I spent 3 weeks with my fellow mates. Although we had spent a week together already, we were still too shy (maybe!) and were not too willing to talk to each other, except for a few helpful Polish volunteers whom I was familiar with.





The turning point, though, was in week 2, when we got to break each other’s ice and started mingling with one another – all thanks to our artistic instructors’ ice-breaking activities.

We began the day by introducing ourselves, except it was done in a very unique way, one by one everyone had to run giving “hi-fives” to each other whilst speaking out there name loudly. “SUUUUUUUU————NNNNNNNYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!” The workshops were not only fun but in fact, highly educational!  Each day Brave Kids from each country were scheduled to teach the one another something from their culture. I believe everyone has learnt a lot about different regions’ culture or history. After the 3-week workshop, I am proud to say that I have somewhat mastered Buryat songs, traditional Moroccan dances, as well as some trendy “hip-hops” from my very lovely Polish friends.


For me, the workshops I participated in were not merely an occasion where we “work” in preparation for the finale, but also a place where we got to “melt” each other’s “ice”. Everyday as I returned to the working space, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by nothing but a bunch of joy and excitement brought about by my new-made friends. Not only did I get to learn many different things about different countries through the workshops but also a chance to make friends with people with different cultural background. I also consider myself very lucky because I got a chance to celebrate my birthday with all these wonderful people! Despite the fact that we had spent a very short period of time together, they all made a lot of effort in preparation for my “surprise” birthday party (Well, I actually could sense something was not going right but I really appreciate their effort!)! The moment when everyone sat in a circle singing the “birthday” song of their own languages has always been lingering in my head, something I can never erase.

DSC_0423.JPG DSC_0415.JPG


DSC_0461.JPG DSC_0427.JPG


Looking back at the trip, one of the biggest achievements I had was making friends with a lot of amazing people I met in Poland. There was this tagline on the door of my host family which I really like, it said, “Welcome, May all who enter as guests, leave as friends”.  I guess I entered Poland as guest and knew no one back then. But when I left, I left together with a group of lovely friends who made the collective effort of breaking the ice shield between each of us.


Brave Kids Grande Finale, Wroclaw 2018

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