#AmplifierDiary 4 “Bravery” – by Adnan Riaz (Dani)

Upon the completion of project, our Amplifiers were asked to produce a piece of 300-word writing, in either Chinese or English, to document, reflect on their 3-week Brave Kids journey. In each of these pieces, all our Amplifiers adopt an object which has inspired them during their Brave Kids encounter. 

就在3個禮拜的波蘭之旅完結之際,我們的團員和學員都利用他們擅長的語言寫一篇300字的感想,紀錄他們在波蘭的一點一滴。在這幾篇的感想當中,每一位團員都利用了一樣物品,來代表他們在Brave Kids 的過程。



At the very beginning of the participation of the project, there has been a recurring question in me – Am I BRAVE enough to do it? The flight to Poland has pondered me over the notion over and over again – Am I really BRAVE enough to do? How BRAVE should I be to be in this project?

However, the moment as I reached Walbrzych, the lovely Polish city where I got to spend my 3-week time, I realized my answers – it was very “BRAVE” of me to go to Poland without my family and their supervision. I was also “BRAVER” than ever to come across, and perhaps be able to accept new culture. The “BRAVEST” of all is that I got to share the culture from where I’m from to thousands of audience – without a slight sign of stage fright!



People I’ve met and encountered throughout the project had all been really kind and full of ambition. Most of the volunteers and participants from other countries were all filled with artistic skills. All of them even had a very interesting background – some of them have been studying in schools dedicated for art since they were 6 years old! It was fascinating how their parents supported them and helped them establish their career and interest. For me, the ability of the kids pursuing what they actually felt for, as well as their parents being so supportive towards their kids’ decision is a rather BRAVE act.



Being able to meet and interact with so many BRAVE kids, who are able to pursue what they actually love, for me, is such an honorary experience. I’ve got to learn different countries’ cultures and traditions, made so many new friends along the way, acquired different forms of artistic skills, and most importantly, getting inspired of different stories of BRAVERY on how friends of mine were bold enough to chase what they love.


Kuba, one of our BRAVE friends who have been pursuing fire art since long. 


And of course, now that I am back in Hong Kong, I know I am BRAVE enough to follow my heart to wherever it will lead me.


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