#AmplifierDiary+ “Pictures” – Usman Muhammad (葉宇文)

Apart from Mr. Lam Siu-Lung, we are also very happy to have nominate Mr. Muhammad Usman to be part of the volunteer force in Brave Kids Walbrzych 2018. During his duty in Brave Kids 2018, Usman contributed to the project by documenting the everyday lives of all participants, volunteers and leaders through utilising his talent in photography. Photography is one of the diverse interests that Usman has passion for. After his work as a fire services equipment inspector, you will most probably be seeing Usman holding his camera, strolling along the high streets and back lanes of Hong Kong capturing moments and objects which intrigue him. Last year (2017), Usman was awarded with his piece in “Hong Kong in my Eyes” photography contest organized by Hong Kong Community Link.

除了林小龍老師,我們好高興可以推薦葉宇文先生成為今年Brave Kids Walbrzych 2018 的其中一位義工。宇文在這次的Brave Kids 活動中,利用自己的攝影技術,為這年度Brave Kids 拍下不少美麗的照片。攝影是宇文的其中一個嗜好。在宇文上班以後,他最喜歡拿著自己的相機,在香港的大街小巷之間遊走,拍下所有他感興趣的畫面。在上年2017年,宇文在由香港社區網絡舉辦的「我們眼中的香港」攝影比賽中憑著優秀的作品得獎。

Have a look at several photographs taken by Usman during his journey to Brave Kids this year!

齊來看看葉宇文這一年為Brave Kids Walbrzych 拍下的照片吧!




WhatsApp Image 2018-07-07 at 4.35.18 AM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-07 at 4.35.24 AM

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-07 at 4.34.42 AM.jpeg








DSC_3379 (1).JPG

DSC_3560 (1).JPG



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