Project Amplifier – Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassadors

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Project Amplifier – Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassador is an exciting initiative which aims to bring together artistic teenagers with different cultural backgrounds through means of process drama to showcase arts and cultures of Hong Kong, one of the most ethnically-diverse cities in the world, to international audience. In preparation for the participation of Brave Kids project in 2019, our selected young Amplifiers will take part in various artistic trainings, as well as different cultural workshops to revisit the city they call home.

This year, Project Amplifier is honoured to be invited to represent Hong Kong in 2 Brave Kids editions – 1) Poland & 2) Romania.


Timeline for Project Amplifier: Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassadors 2019 edition 

Stage 1: Application and selection period (Now – Early March 2019)

Interested candidates may fill in an online application. Suitable candidates will be shortlisted and invited to attend an interview session. Results will be announced in early March.

Stage 2: Training period (March – June 2019)

Participants will be taking part in weekly training sessions receiving theatrical training workshops in preparation for workshops and performances in Poland. Details of trainings to be confirmed.

Stage 3: Workshops (June & July 2019 – Poland; July 2019 – Romania)

Participants will be taking part in workshops offered in Brave Kids instructors and be hosted by local host families in the correspondent city. Participants will be given the opportunity to interact with young performers from different parts of the world and teach one other about Hong Kong, as well as their artistic talents. By the end of the programme, all performers will be collaborating and putting up a final show.

Stage 4: Post-trip sharing and community project (August – December 2019)

After returning from their journeys, participants will be going into different parts of the society, including their schools, neighbourhood and communities to share their unique experience in Brave Kids 2019.


Join us!

We are looking for a total of 12 secondary school students aged between 14 – 17 by July 2019 who

1. are responsible and mature

2. are willing to adapt to new cultures

3. embrace diversity

4. are interested in any kind(s) of art &

5. have participated in any forms of performance (preferred)

to be part of the of Project Amplifier – Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassadors representing Hong Kong to participate in Brave Kids Festivals 2019. Interested candidates may fill in the application by 15 January 2019. Application:


About the instructor 

Leo Lau Chung Chak is a student, a performer, a tutor, and a mentor. Majoring in English Language & Literature and English Language Teaching in Hong Kong Baptist University, Leo has been actively engaged in English language teaching to both junior and senior students in different secondary schools in Hong Kong. He is also one of the founding tutors of BGIT – Ethnic Minority Tutorial Scheme, where he teaches English to senior secondary school students. Apart from Hong Kong, Leo has also conducted educational projects in India, Poland and South Africa. In the field of performing art, Leo has engaged himself in different artistic productions seeing to both the roles of acting and directing. In 2014, Leo starred as “Richie” in “Thirteen, a Broadway Musical (re-run)”.


Programme Fee:

The programme fee ($7,500*^), which includes 1) airfare between Hong Kong and project destinations (return); 2) travel insurance, 3) artistic and theatrical training 4)food and accommodation within the project and 5) local transport within Europe, will be collected from successful applicants who are enrolling.

*Co-sponsored by the ERASMUS+, European Union

^Actual programme may vary according to the actual sponsorships granted.


For further inquiry, contact Leo Lau Chung Chak at